The Grease Monkey® and Monkey Shine® franchise platforms guide our franchise owners in all aspects of running their business. From site selection, construction and training, to marketing and operations, our systems provide an unparalleled level of support throughout the franchise relationship.

Grease Monkey® Franchise Site Selection
We have developed a sophisticated site selection process that sets us apart from our competitors. We continually seek out sites that meet our proprietary criteria, and work closely with our franchisees to find the right site in their market.

Once a site has been selected, we offer our expertise and guidance in researching property acquisition options and in negotiating the lease or purchase of that property. We can also recommend qualified real estate brokers to assist with the more complex intricacies of commercial real estate transactions.

Grease Monkey® Franchise Financing
The Grease Monkey® and Monkey Shine® development department helps franchisees identify the most appropriate financing options. We put our franchise owners in contact with financing resources that understand our franchise programs and can help fund the acquisition and construction of a new center.

Grease Monkey® Franchise Build-Out
Whether converting an existing structure or constructing a new building, all facilities must meet our building standards. We supply prototypical drawings for our franchise owners to make the necessary adjustments to specific sites and to comply with local building codes. We can also assist in finding local contractors, analyzing competitive bids and reviewing plans during all phases of the design and construction process.

Grease Monkey® Franchise Training
Grease Monkey International devotes significant resources to continually improving our initial and ongoing training programs for our franchisees. We do not require our franchisees to have experience in the automotive industry – instead, we give them the tools and resources they need to operate outstanding centers.

Prior to opening, franchisees and center employees receive intensive, hands-on training that covers all aspects of running a Grease Monkey® or Monkey Shine® center. Once the center is open, we provide our franchisees with in-center new employee training and employee certification programs. We also offer ongoing franchisee and management training programs several times a year.

Grease Monkey® Franchise Marketing
The Grease Monkey® and Monkey Shine® marketing strategy centers on building loyal, long-term relationships with families in a community, with a view to connect with all the drivers in a given family. We have developed a wide range of effective marketing materials and programs that franchisees can easily implement to promote their centers. Our field marketing specialists are also available to provide personalized support for local marketing planning.

Computer Systems
Grease Monkey® centers use a computerized point-of-sale system that serves not only as the center’s cash register, but as a valuable management tool that enables franchise owners to monitor and improve daily operations. This system can track sales data, product inventory and labor earnings-to-revenue ratio. Its powerful database can provide everything from customer vehicle maintenance records to results on the effectiveness of marketing activities.

With established vendors and buying power of nearly 300 centers, Grease Monkey International has negotiated national account pricing for all in-center supplies and services. In addition, because the Grease Monkey® brand is independently owned, we are not tied to specific brands of products.  We are free to negotiate contracts with many supplies to get the most cost effective pricing for our franchisees.

Grease Monkey International representatives have negotiated pricing with preferred vendors that drive cost savings on high quality equipment. The Monkey Shine® line of proprietary vehicle wash chemicals promotes further savings while offering a variety of chemistry packages to accommodate different regional climates and environmental regulations.